Our Story

We are a family run organization hoping to make a positive difference for those that need it. We routinely acknowledge the blessings we have in our lives and wish to do something to give to others. In 2017 we decided to start beekeeping as a hobby. In 2018 we acquired our first 2 beehives.

By the time our first honey harvest came around we were surprised with the amount of honey our bees produced for us. We gathered around our kitchen and with great excitement we all chipped in to start the process of jarring honey. Soon after we completed jarring, we posted a picture of our harvest to Facebook. Immediately people were commenting on the post inquiring if we were selling the honey.

At that point we had no intention of selling it. It was our plan to give it away to friends and family. The first jar of honey that was given away was placed in a simple 8 oz. glass jar. We didn’t have any labels at that time so a piece of paper was cut out to mimic the shape of the jar and our 5 year old son wrote a little note on the paper to his Aunt so that she would know where/who the honey came from.

From Bees was born…

Our Mission

A few days later we sat down and discussed the idea of selling the honey we harvest each year by donating all of the proceeds to a handful of select charities, groups or causes. As we exercised the idea, we found that we truly believed we were on to something. Our plan is to give to others through that which has been given to us. Given to us, from bees.

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