Would you like a jar of honey?

It’s finally here! WE HAVE HONEY!!

We have honey for sale. Not only is this some pretty good honey but it is doing some pretty good things. We are using all of the proceeds along with some special donations from the sale of our honey to help others.

We only have 20 jars of honey for sale. We are selling them for $20 each (approximately 1 lb of honey). Please take a look at our other posts to see how your purchase is used.

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Exciting News!!

Thank you for taking the time to read about who we are and what we are trying to do. We have some exciting news to share with everyone. We are happy to announce that all of the proceeds from your purchase along with the Price-Match-Plus from the listed sponsors will be going to Bivona Child Advocacy Center!

Please take the time to learn more about the great things that Bivona Child Advocacy Center is doing to help children in our community heal from abuse. Learn more about Bivona Child Advocacy Center by visiting the link below:

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How does your donation help?

It’s sometimes hard to know how your donation will help. With so many great organizations out this time of year, it’s easy to donate without knowing exactly what you’ve contributed to. We understand that. We have reached out to Bivona Child Advocacy Center to find out a little more information as to how the donations are used. We were extremely happy with what we learned.

Your gift of any amount will have an immediate impact, allowing Bivona Child Advocacy Center to:

-Partner with schools to prevent abuse through the education of children and teachers.

-Equip our specialized staff to identify abuse and take immediate action to stop it.

-Provide mental health services to help children and families heal from abuse.

$1,000 – provides 50 students with education to keep them safe from harm. Bivona has begun educating classrooms in two local school districts because we believe that educating adults is simply not enough to keep children safe and we need to be having conversations with children about safe and unsafe situations and how they can respond and communicate what’s happening with a safe adult.

$500 – provides an initial mental health evaluation and trauma screening for one child which allows the team to refer the child to therapy sessions that are needed to help the child heal from the trauma they have been exposed to.

$250 – provides one medical examination for a child who has been referred by our team. Our medical providers make children feel comfortable and address any concerns that the child expresses as a result of abuse they have endured.

$100- provides clothing, a blanket and pillow, as well as one comfort item for a child who has been displaced by violence. The children we see often have complex needs and our team often is providing basic necessities to children that we see.

With our goal of selling honey, the possibilities are incredible. We could help children to receive the education that they might not otherwise get in their environment to help them identify and hopefully avoid harmful situations. Children could receive basic things like clothing and a blanket and pillow!!

We are so excited to be part of this. We hope that you share in our excitement and are able to purchase a jar of honey to help  Bivona Child Advocacy Center make a difference in children that need it.

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This year’s donation!!

From Bees honey is proud to announce that this year we are going to donate 100% of the proceeds from our raw honey sales to The Open Door Mission! ⁣

So…on this Giving Tuesday, we have some VERY exciting news to share! The Open Door Mission has reached out to anonymous donors in the community, who have promised to match all donations received today, up to $50,000.00. With that, we decided to make our donation this afternoon, prior to the sale of the honey, in order to take full advantage of The Open Door Mission’s offer to match OUR donation 100%!!! ⁣

As a result, with your help, and that of the anonymous donors, we will have all contributed to raising $4,000.00 this year!⁣

Only the first 100 jars of honey sold will have contributed to this Giving Tuesday initiative, however, proceeds from any additional jars of raw honey sold will be forwarded to the Open Door Mission as well! ⁣

Now…about that honey…we have to sell it! So, keep your eyes peeled…we’ll be in touch soon ♥️⁣
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