Raw Honey
Our raw honey is sold in 1 pound glass jars. The 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Open Door Mission and their Giving Tuesday event that From Bees participated in on 12/3/19. Our raw honey is $20 per jar.

Specialty Honey Products

Creamed Honey
Creamed honey has all the benefits of raw honey but a thicker, richer texture and a smooth, spreadable consistency. Creamed honey has been processed naturally to promote the formation of smaller glucose crystals and prevent the formation of larger ones which happens when raw honey crystallizes. This ensures that the honey remains creamy and spreadable.

Why we love it:
Makes a great alternative to butter on toast, waffles or crackers!
Stir into oatmeal or a hot cup of tea!
Serve as a dip with sliced apples or pears!

Once you try it, you won’t believe what you’ve been missing. Our creamed honey is sold in half pint jars at $10 per jar.

Honey’s Hot Honey
Honey’s Hot Honey is honey that we infused with jalapeno’s that were grown from our very own garden.

Why we love it:
Drizzle over just about anything you can think of; chicken wings, pizza, sweet potato fries, smoked meats, even fruit or ice cream!

Try a little heat with your sweet. Honey’s Hot Honey is sold in half pint squeezable bottles for $10 per bottle.

All proceeds from our specialty honey products remains within the From Bees organization to help with operating expenses. Thank you for your donations.

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