This year’s donation!!

From Bees honey is proud to announce that this year we are going to donate 100% of the proceeds from our raw honey sales to The Open Door Mission! ⁣

So…on this Giving Tuesday, we have some VERY exciting news to share! The Open Door Mission has reached out to anonymous donors in the community, who have promised to match all donations received today, up to $50,000.00. With that, we decided to make our donation this afternoon, prior to the sale of the honey, in order to take full advantage of The Open Door Mission’s offer to match OUR donation 100%!!! ⁣

As a result, with your help, and that of the anonymous donors, we will have all contributed to raising $4,000.00 this year!⁣

Only the first 100 jars of honey sold will have contributed to this Giving Tuesday initiative, however, proceeds from any additional jars of raw honey sold will be forwarded to the Open Door Mission as well! ⁣

Now…about that honey…we have to sell it! So, keep your eyes peeled…we’ll be in touch soon ♥️⁣
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